Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year... What's YOUR Resolution?

Every year it's the same thing, lose weight, get fitter, cut carbs. As much as I should do it, I don't wanna fail again. So this year its a little different. This wasn't planning on being a resolution. Actually, I hadn't even thought about a resolution until this moment. I wanted to write about my plan. And then got to thinking what today is. Now it's a deal. I'm making a deal with myself to get out to the torch 2 days a week. I work 3 days a week, 12 hour days. If I get out there 2 days a week, I'll still have 2 days off. I also figured out that if I make 25 beads a day, that will be 200 beads a month. Can you say, wow? I can't even fathum that. Mainly because when I think about it, I get overwhelmed. But not this time. Its not a short term goal like the usual, it's a long term goal. I'd like to do my first real show in September. And then do one each month through the holidays. I'm also going to be working on some web design classes to get that up and running as well. So.......


I'd like to see the different variations of beads I come up with. Hopefully, few mindblocks.

So..... what's your resolution?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How do people get the time?

I've been dieing to get to the torch lately but life just hasn't let me. Hence the lack of posts. I view my favorite blogs of bead and jewelry designers and I see post after post of beautiful work. I wonder how many of them have little kiddos or work full time or are full time designers. And if they are full time designers, how do they get started to be able to do it full time with lack of funds to begin with. I work full time, which is really 3 days a week, 12 hour days. I have 4 days off unless I put in overtime, then its 3 days off. Of course, I can't torch during the day because I have my 2 year old and even if hubby is home, I want to spend time with them. When he naps, I want to nap. I occasionally get out there at nap time but usually it takes awhile to get my mojo going and by then time its going, he's awake. It's either that or I'm just not feeling it and I stop after 2 beads. He doesn't fall asleep until late, about 10pm and then its mostly too late to get get started on anything. When I think about well, I can make jewelry inside, he would be so in the midst of it all, getting into it all and then the disappearing tools, oh my! Yea, that won't work. So how do you get the time? I really want to, but there's always a "but". Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy Happy Days

I've been busy lately... trying to find the meaning of life. LOL, not. Actually, been working overtime when I can and trying to get my life in order to finally finish college. Yes, I have my Associates Degree, but I want a Masters. Life is settling down finally since the move and its time to get it done. The kids are doing great in school. Its time for Mommy. I'll be studying for my GRE and taking a review coarse to make sure I do well. Then it'll be time to study for the CCRN while I take Chemistry II and finish my BSN courses. I'd like to apply for my Masters to start January 2012. Classes aren't cheap though so I'm trying to work overtime to pay for it. I've been getting out to the torch and working on some basic beads, different shapes, etc. Beadmaking is such fun. I'll be squeezing the torch in when I can for some stress relief. Mesmerizing the flame. Ahhhh....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Well, we are partially moved in. Pool is clear. It will still be a long while before I can make beads. There is much to do around the house. We have to paint the boys' rooms and buy new furniture. It's a bigger home so we have a few empty rooms, plus there was some furniture we just were tired of and got rid of or it was just too big. I also have a studio desk in mind for my torch that I want to make. That will be a lot of sawing, sanding, nailing, screwing, painting, etc. We'll be cooking out today and enjoying the pool. Hope you have a Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moving In

Well, we found a really big, gorgeous place with a pool and we are moving in as we speak. The "men" are doing all the work. My father-in-law went into the hospital after I had to do CPR and has been in the ICU since. He may be coming home to stay with us if he has to stay on a breathing machine. You know the saying "everything happens for a reason"? Well, this all occurred for a reason. We got lucky and found this place that has room for everyone and not be cramped. I may not get back to making beads for awhile but that's ok. There are more important things at the moment. I just may go to a lot of bead shows instead. Hehe! I gotta get my fix somehow! Anyways, the guys are calling...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't really have much to blog about unless you want to hear all about our moving woes so I just wanted to check-in and say I'm really not doing much besides resting my back since the move. We are staying with the in-laws until we find a place down here. So far, that first place I blogged about is still in the running. We fell in love with another only to find out when we met the realtor he was totally shady; told me one thing on the phone and then something completely different when we went to sign the lease. It's a shame, it was gorgeous and the community was awesome. That first place in Ft. Denaud, though, is just.... peaceful.... huge.... relaxing... and kid and family friendly. And huge is for a lack of a better word. Every time we turned a corner there was more house. Anyways, life is just on hold at the moment. Watched True-Blood, LOVED it. Doing some reading and catering to my back. Found an awesome job, with a great interview, just waiting to hear back. And thats that. I'll keep ya updated.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

True Blood Countdown: 5 more days

Continuing on with my True Blood and Vampire inspiration countdown, here are my vampire-inspired finds on etsy. Five more days until season 3 of True Blood begins on HBO. Hooray!

"Dripping Scarlet" by BeadinBabe

"Red Droplet" by PurplePeony

Monday, June 7, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Countdown

This post extended off of Brandi-girl's "Loving:: Vampires" post. I love True Blood and everything Vampire. I'm a nut. I've been drawn into the Sookie Stackhouse books. You can see what I've read so far over in the right column on my Shelfari list. I just finished "All Together Dead". To my dismay, my husband packed my books *sigh* and they aren't here. So, I've decided to continue my lust, I would make a daily post as a countdown until June 13th, the first of Season 3 on HBO. So.. on to the show..

My "True Blood" - inspired etsy finds...

"Once Bitten Earrings" by foamywader

"True Blood- Upcycled Tusk and Bullet Assemblage Earrings" by DanielleRoseBean

"Red and Black Button Necklace" by SmallButtonBigHeart

"O Positive/Blood Tag Necklace" by JustDuckieDesigns

"Sookie Stackhouse Necklace" by iCharm

"Vampire Love Handmade Card" by monkeyminddesign09

"True Blood Garnet Gemstone Cufflinks" by idlehandsdesigns

"Hidey Hole Bite Me Necklace" by matsudabunch

Friday, June 4, 2010

New House to Consider

We have been considering a house that is further out in Ft. Myers towards Labelle area for a couple of reasons: a lot of land the boys can go outside and play in, it's on the Caloosahatchee River, it's serene, I can have a garden, it's 5 minutes to my in-laws, its huge, it has a pool & spa and we can grow into it. It's either for rent or rent-to-own so we haven't seen what they actually want for it but our realtor says he's sure its in our range and we trust him since he's a friend of the family. This house has some old charm to it since its brick. We are told it's completely remodeled on the inside. My husband goes to see it on Monday. I wish I could be there but if its not all that great, its a waste of gas for me to drive all that way, and he's already going to be down there for work. We really want something we can put roots down in and not worry about moving but also want something we don't have to do any work to right off the bat. Of course, it has to have an extra room for my bead studio. Here are the picture from the property appraisers website:
In the meantime, I've been home with Matthew doing a lot of cuddling. He's had a fever of 101.9 the past 3 days and up at 3 am. He has 3 big teeth coming in. Poor guy. Can't wait for Daddy to be back tonight. We miss him. And we'll be packing this weekend and hopefully moving next weekend. Have a great day! I'm off to do some blog hopping :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A lot on my mind recently

Well, some of you know that I've been dealing with a lot with my back being messed up. Those of you who don't, I was pushed by a patient at work (who WAS in her right mind and did it on purpose). I hurt my back really bad and have had steroid injections, physical and massage therapy and have been pretty much flat on my back on lots of pain meds (i HATE taking pills for ANYTHING). I did start back to work light duty recently and has just made me feel miserable day in and day out. I've been doing my best to stay positive and laugh as often as I can. Its really frustrating not being able to do the things you enjoy everyday or not being able to make plans because I'm not sure I'll be better by then, etc etc. This has been giving me lots of time to think, think, think. Not to mention, I'm going through my Sookie Stackhouse novels pretty darn fast. I'm finishing up my Bachelors this semester to go on to my Masters in Anesthesia. I've been thinking about this and thinking about my true love, art. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've loved my job as a nurse but this whole back thing has put a bad taste for nursing in my mouth. All the helping people, day in and day out and no appreciation. Sometimes, I think its just not worth it. That's why I want my Masters in Anesthesia. I don't really have to deal with patients that are just rude and unappreciative. I'll be respected, have status, and get paid well. My dilemma lies in all the work to get accepted and stress related to it and wanting to just do what I absolutely love instead but not get all the perks of being a CRNA. I mean, 28 months of full time school, little time for family, stress about finances, etc. The pay off in the end is so worth it, I'm told. I haven't met one CRNA that hasn't loved their job. With my back injury, its making me just want to relax and destress and do what I enjoy. I do go through this a lot. The back and forth and weighing whats for the best. I can't help it. I'm constantly re-evaluating the situation. I'm just so close to the application process and doing all the final things to get ready. Even though I interviewed, I decided I want to wait until at least January to start to save money and enjoy the 2 paychecks for awhile. I have so many artistic endeavors I want to do to help me de-stress. I think I need a pampering too, manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, etc, to help me get in the mode. Maybe after the move and a little bit of spa treatment, I'll be recharged and ready to head it on and I won't be worrying so much. Yea, I'm glad I decided to write this post. That's what I'm gonna do. Get RECHARGED!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just finished this week's homework and I also finished the Charlaine Harris Book, Dead to the World. On to her next book in the "True Blood" or "Sookie Stackhouse" series, Dead as a Doornail. We got a lot of boxes to start packing and the realtor just sent us another rental listing that intrigued us. Its a completely furnished home, 4BR, 4BA, living room, family room, dining room, den, pool and spa, 3500 sq feet for $1950 month. We weren't thinking we could do a furnished home (it actually never crossed our minds) until now. We were going to sell a lot of our furniture anyways and buy new when we got there because we didn't want to have to move a lot of stuff. A furnished home would take a lot of the stress away of having to buy all that furniture when we get there. It's actually sounding a bit delightful. The hubby emailed the realtor to ask him a few questions about the home so its sounding like the hubby is interested just as much as I am. I am getting excited about the move but I'm getting scared at the same time (A tad stressed too because of the whole back, worker's comp crap). It will all work out. This year is the year for moving up in the world. I've been thinking of all my creative endeavors I'll be making after the move and that's getting me more excited. I'll have my studio indoors so no more windy flame or bugs. YAY! I will also have more money to play with while taking on my lil hobbies. I started to learn knitting a couple of months ago and I'm thinking of going to town with that. I want to buy a few books and learn how to knit socks, sweaters and baby hats and booties. I love colorful, funky, knit socks. I was also thinking about getting into ceramics and make ceramic beads and plates. I drooled over a large kiln I saw yesterday and that was all she wrote on that! I want one and I want to fill one. LOL! I'm so silly. I'd like to have my own handmade gift boutique one day and offer my handmade items as well as other people's items that I buy wholesale. Maybe.. one day. Off to make a few beads before bed.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Things will be changing soon. I have lots going on. As much as I want to get over my camera fear and blog away with many pictures (it WILL happen!), we are going to be moving soon and things are going to be a bit crazy for awhile. My hubby just finished his Associates in Nursing. HOORAY! He will be starting a critical care internship June 1st in Pt. Charlotte. I am so proud of him! He sits for his state boards June 18th. I have no doubts that he will pass with flying colors. I can't wait to have 2 paychecks coming in for awhile. That will be nice. We will be moving to Ft. Myers around the 15th of June. I am hoping to either get a PRN or "temporary" position and float to different adult ICU's or getting a full time position in Open Heart ICU. I haven't decided yet since this year will be a year of enhancing my resume. There are a lot of things to weigh. I need to study for my GRE and CCRN this year. I'll be graduating with my Bachelors in Nursing in 9 weeks (I already have my associates). Then I have to retake my Chemistry II this fall. As you can see, we will be a tad busy over the next month, maybe 2. We've been looking at houses. Here is the one we have our heart set on, its 4 bedrooms, 4 bath, with a den and pool. The den will be my studio *big grin*

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunsets at Pier 60

Well! I just have to tell you how my first night went. First, because I'm new, I watch how the lottery is done to determine where we set up our tables. When everyone is done picking their spots, they take me to END of the pier. For those of you who need a picture of the end of the pier, its not the very end where they do the fishing, but its about the middle of the actual pier, just the end of where the artists are set up. It's very windy so, so much for a nice display. Everything kept blowing. Took off my hairclip to clip the table cloth to the front of the table so it would stop blowing up the cloth and push everything to the middle of the table. Even though, they tell me when I jury in that jewelry category is closed, people were expecting jewelry. I had a few pieces of jewelry to show how to use the beads but really, people didn't want to buy beads. I felt I was there to sort of be a show, rather than sell anything. Everyone loved my beads, but then only 2 bought beads that fit their Pandoras. Thanks for that, because at least it wasn't a total failure and I made my booth fee back. A lot of people were looking to see if I had beads for Pandora, so maybe if I go out again, I'll make more beads for those. Even though the girl next to me, who made guitar pic jewelry, was very sweet and explained not to base my sales on the first night being all the way at the end, she still has had to lower her prices since she's been there and I don't wish to do that. I spend way too much time sweating in front of a torch to make my cute lil pieces of art to drop my prices to make a few bucks. Overall, I had lots of fun, teased my boys who came with me and helped me set up and spent some quality time with them and my mom. I'll probably just keep my clientele online. I'm happy with them. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I really need to be more consistent

I haven't blogged in awhile because of getting all this lushious time out at the torch and trying to get tons made for Sunsets at Pier 60, yet I still haven't gotten down there. I was juried and approved but didn't realize how much went into getting ready. Needless to say, there are some last minute details to still get done. I haven't blogged much because I feel there is a need for blogs with pictures. I love reading when there are pictures involved and I'm camera deprived. I have the camera but I don't really feel like taking the pictures and doing all the picture manipulating. Am I lazy? A little. Am I busy and feel its not that important? Maybe. I guess I just enjoy looking at other people's pretty pictures instead of sharing my own. Plus I doubt many people read this thing anyways! LOL!

I did just get my website up. Still need to work on the shopping cart but its there. Tell me what you think!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Sunsets at Pier 60

Sunsets at Pier 60 is nightly event at Pier 60 in Clearwater where local artisans, crafters and performers gather as the sun sets. This fun family event is free and is held every evening. The next "jury" for new artisans is coming up on April 20, 2010 and I'm hoping to be there. I've been out making an abundance of beads at the torch and the creativity is just flowing. Every time I'm out there, more and more ideas are just coming to me and it seems I can't be out there enough. I would be out much longer than I have been if it wasn't for the little guy and school getting in the way. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get the time to take them. In the mean time, I have tons of beads to clean!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Studio Cleaning & Organizing Spree!

I was out making beads when I kept getting all my blacks mixed up. I ended up having spiderwebs in my bead designs, which are a good thing when that is the design intended, or my spots that I wanted black were purple. I also have colors that my friend Linda would give me or colors that I bought at a local glass place that are all mislabeled or not labeled at all. That lead me into the biggest organizing spree ever. I decided I am going label each and every rod if it kills me. I mean, we are going to be moving in a few months so they would all end in a big jumbled mess anyways. This way, the virgo inside me will be happy. Nice, clean, organized work area with LABELED glass. What a shocker.

I got my shipment in the mail yesterday with blacks and a batch of Precision Diamond Clear, my new favorite clear. As long as it doesn't crack my beads like the last rod did. I'm still at a loss on where I got that rod from to determine if the rest I have here is from the bad batch as well. That was a total bummer that I made all those pretty encased beads, made them into earrings and crack, crack, crack. Wasted beads and wasted silver. Not a good mix at all. Oh well... onto more beadmaking. It's not like I ever tire of it.

Just a final note... I made over my etsy shop to match my blog and added google analytics. YAY me! I love when I get things accomplished!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Little Things

Yesterday was a good day. It was a beautiful day out. Spring Break started for the grade schools and the beaches were packed. The time with kids was great. The simple things really make a difference. We had Good Humour Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Ice Cream bars and played with balloon punch balls. Ahhh the little things that make kids smile!
On another note, I passed my Community Health Nursing Theory and Practicum class with A's and my Health Assessment class with a B. I was floored. I've been busting my butt and would forget assignments and I was considering dropping at one point. I'm so glad I persevered. Now onto Nursing Research and Legal and Ethical Nursing.

And, of course, my little artistic touch to this blog post. I took my lampwork bracelet out of the tumbler yesterday. Inspired from Kerry Bogert and her Totally Twisted book.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blue Twix

Some pictures of a new bracelet I made. Lampwork beads made by me as well. I call it Blue Twix. Sorry the pictures are a bit over exposed because of the sun is bright here in sunny Florida today.

Treasury Loved

This treasury totally caught my eye. And, of course, I added most of the artists to my favorites. The felted bear, the bunny, the chihuahua in the scarf, the spirit of woodlands, and of course the fonts are just totally unique and gorgeous. The vintage earrings and the wirewrapped earrings are, of course, some of my new favorites as well. This treasury is just that, a treasure. Found things that need to make their way into my home. Go visit and see what I'm talking about.

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Things that Made Me Happy Today

1. Family
2. Togetherness
3. Grandmas and Grandpas
4. The thought of growing old with my husband, hand and hand
5. Starbucks peppermint mocha lattes and low fat banana chocolate chip cake

Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Things that Made Me Happy Today

1. The smiles on my kids' faces.
2. Chocolate all over Matthew's face as he sucks his finger to make sure he got every last drop.
3. Getting to the torch and making a bunny bead.
4. My husband telling me he has faith in my beads and jewelry when I wasn't asking for his opinion, he just gave it.
5. My 14-year-old son, Brandon, dressing NICE for school without being prompted! ... next for that hair...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Journey to Happiness...

*sings* Shiney, Happy People Laughing...

Depart from Toxic People... no matter who they are to you.

Enjoy Each & Every Moment.

Five Things That Made Me Happy Today:
  • Waking Up.
  • My Children Smiling.
  • My Son's Eccentricism.
  • Being Healthy.
  • French Roast Coffee with Hazelnut Cream & Splenda.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quickie Beads

I couldn't wait to post some beads I made after not being able to get out to the torch in awhile. One bead is still stuck on the mandrel, its the other aqua one. So, I took a quickie pic with my video recorder out the door. Kinda crappy for a picture but I sooo love these beads. I never make beads this small and I really like how they turned out.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Blog

I wanted to start a new blog because a blog JUST about me is boring to me. I wanted to write about others artwork and my inspiration as well as mine when I actually get around to making things. Regardless of how busy I am with family, college, and work, I always find time to read and oogle and get INSPIRED. I love looking at other people's artwork and it inspires me to get my butt out at the bench. One day, I'll have enough time to just do my love but for now, it's not in the stars. Ok, well that's my get started blurb. I'll write more later. I'm just glad I got the blog looking the way I like. Thanks for stopping by!