Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunsets at Pier 60

Well! I just have to tell you how my first night went. First, because I'm new, I watch how the lottery is done to determine where we set up our tables. When everyone is done picking their spots, they take me to END of the pier. For those of you who need a picture of the end of the pier, its not the very end where they do the fishing, but its about the middle of the actual pier, just the end of where the artists are set up. It's very windy so, so much for a nice display. Everything kept blowing. Took off my hairclip to clip the table cloth to the front of the table so it would stop blowing up the cloth and push everything to the middle of the table. Even though, they tell me when I jury in that jewelry category is closed, people were expecting jewelry. I had a few pieces of jewelry to show how to use the beads but really, people didn't want to buy beads. I felt I was there to sort of be a show, rather than sell anything. Everyone loved my beads, but then only 2 bought beads that fit their Pandoras. Thanks for that, because at least it wasn't a total failure and I made my booth fee back. A lot of people were looking to see if I had beads for Pandora, so maybe if I go out again, I'll make more beads for those. Even though the girl next to me, who made guitar pic jewelry, was very sweet and explained not to base my sales on the first night being all the way at the end, she still has had to lower her prices since she's been there and I don't wish to do that. I spend way too much time sweating in front of a torch to make my cute lil pieces of art to drop my prices to make a few bucks. Overall, I had lots of fun, teased my boys who came with me and helped me set up and spent some quality time with them and my mom. I'll probably just keep my clientele online. I'm happy with them. :)

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