Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just finished this week's homework and I also finished the Charlaine Harris Book, Dead to the World. On to her next book in the "True Blood" or "Sookie Stackhouse" series, Dead as a Doornail. We got a lot of boxes to start packing and the realtor just sent us another rental listing that intrigued us. Its a completely furnished home, 4BR, 4BA, living room, family room, dining room, den, pool and spa, 3500 sq feet for $1950 month. We weren't thinking we could do a furnished home (it actually never crossed our minds) until now. We were going to sell a lot of our furniture anyways and buy new when we got there because we didn't want to have to move a lot of stuff. A furnished home would take a lot of the stress away of having to buy all that furniture when we get there. It's actually sounding a bit delightful. The hubby emailed the realtor to ask him a few questions about the home so its sounding like the hubby is interested just as much as I am. I am getting excited about the move but I'm getting scared at the same time (A tad stressed too because of the whole back, worker's comp crap). It will all work out. This year is the year for moving up in the world. I've been thinking of all my creative endeavors I'll be making after the move and that's getting me more excited. I'll have my studio indoors so no more windy flame or bugs. YAY! I will also have more money to play with while taking on my lil hobbies. I started to learn knitting a couple of months ago and I'm thinking of going to town with that. I want to buy a few books and learn how to knit socks, sweaters and baby hats and booties. I love colorful, funky, knit socks. I was also thinking about getting into ceramics and make ceramic beads and plates. I drooled over a large kiln I saw yesterday and that was all she wrote on that! I want one and I want to fill one. LOL! I'm so silly. I'd like to have my own handmade gift boutique one day and offer my handmade items as well as other people's items that I buy wholesale. Maybe.. one day. Off to make a few beads before bed.

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