About Me

     My name is Karen.  I go by Karen Beth since there are quite a bit of Karens on a lot of the forums I frequent and my middle name is Elizabeth. What can I say? I love beads. I'm 32 years old, married, with 4 boys. I'm a nurse by trade with many artistic loves. I'm a lampworker and love working with molten glass and finding different types of artistic elements to incorporate into my lampworked beads and jewelry designs. When I don't get to the torch due to family or college I like to search my way through the web and enjoy others' artwork for inspiration or find inspiration out and about. To all my fellow lampworkers and bead artists... keep beading!

     For those interested in my beads or jewelry, I'll be happy to make custom orders or answer any questions you may have.  You can contact me via my contact page.  Please note I may be a little slow to respond just because I am busy and may not have gotten to read my mail.