Thursday, December 2, 2010

How do people get the time?

I've been dieing to get to the torch lately but life just hasn't let me. Hence the lack of posts. I view my favorite blogs of bead and jewelry designers and I see post after post of beautiful work. I wonder how many of them have little kiddos or work full time or are full time designers. And if they are full time designers, how do they get started to be able to do it full time with lack of funds to begin with. I work full time, which is really 3 days a week, 12 hour days. I have 4 days off unless I put in overtime, then its 3 days off. Of course, I can't torch during the day because I have my 2 year old and even if hubby is home, I want to spend time with them. When he naps, I want to nap. I occasionally get out there at nap time but usually it takes awhile to get my mojo going and by then time its going, he's awake. It's either that or I'm just not feeling it and I stop after 2 beads. He doesn't fall asleep until late, about 10pm and then its mostly too late to get get started on anything. When I think about well, I can make jewelry inside, he would be so in the midst of it all, getting into it all and then the disappearing tools, oh my! Yea, that won't work. So how do you get the time? I really want to, but there's always a "but". Any suggestions?

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