Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy Happy Days

I've been busy lately... trying to find the meaning of life. LOL, not. Actually, been working overtime when I can and trying to get my life in order to finally finish college. Yes, I have my Associates Degree, but I want a Masters. Life is settling down finally since the move and its time to get it done. The kids are doing great in school. Its time for Mommy. I'll be studying for my GRE and taking a review coarse to make sure I do well. Then it'll be time to study for the CCRN while I take Chemistry II and finish my BSN courses. I'd like to apply for my Masters to start January 2012. Classes aren't cheap though so I'm trying to work overtime to pay for it. I've been getting out to the torch and working on some basic beads, different shapes, etc. Beadmaking is such fun. I'll be squeezing the torch in when I can for some stress relief. Mesmerizing the flame. Ahhhh....

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