Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Studio Cleaning & Organizing Spree!

I was out making beads when I kept getting all my blacks mixed up. I ended up having spiderwebs in my bead designs, which are a good thing when that is the design intended, or my spots that I wanted black were purple. I also have colors that my friend Linda would give me or colors that I bought at a local glass place that are all mislabeled or not labeled at all. That lead me into the biggest organizing spree ever. I decided I am going label each and every rod if it kills me. I mean, we are going to be moving in a few months so they would all end in a big jumbled mess anyways. This way, the virgo inside me will be happy. Nice, clean, organized work area with LABELED glass. What a shocker.

I got my shipment in the mail yesterday with blacks and a batch of Precision Diamond Clear, my new favorite clear. As long as it doesn't crack my beads like the last rod did. I'm still at a loss on where I got that rod from to determine if the rest I have here is from the bad batch as well. That was a total bummer that I made all those pretty encased beads, made them into earrings and crack, crack, crack. Wasted beads and wasted silver. Not a good mix at all. Oh well... onto more beadmaking. It's not like I ever tire of it.

Just a final note... I made over my etsy shop to match my blog and added google analytics. YAY me! I love when I get things accomplished!


Linda said...

I actually love when I have time or the inclination to clean my studio. Its a great feeling to have things neat once again and to get rid of stuff you don't use. Typically I have my clean out in January and sell what I no longer need.
Enjoy the studio cleaning and the tidy environment. If your like me however, it won't last long :)

Karen Beth said...

Thanks for commenting, Linda! You know me so well! LOL! I absolutely love the clean studio and it does not last long. But I do get so inspired as I find colors I forgot I had or ideas come flowing back. I love that feeling. Needless to say, that's where I've been lately! :)