Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't really have much to blog about unless you want to hear all about our moving woes so I just wanted to check-in and say I'm really not doing much besides resting my back since the move. We are staying with the in-laws until we find a place down here. So far, that first place I blogged about is still in the running. We fell in love with another only to find out when we met the realtor he was totally shady; told me one thing on the phone and then something completely different when we went to sign the lease. It's a shame, it was gorgeous and the community was awesome. That first place in Ft. Denaud, though, is just.... peaceful.... huge.... relaxing... and kid and family friendly. And huge is for a lack of a better word. Every time we turned a corner there was more house. Anyways, life is just on hold at the moment. Watched True-Blood, LOVED it. Doing some reading and catering to my back. Found an awesome job, with a great interview, just waiting to hear back. And thats that. I'll keep ya updated.

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