Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beadmaking on Hold... Once Again.

I was all gun-ho with those colors and now everything is on hold for at least a week. My mother and father-in-law are moving back to their house with nursing help from the ALS clinic. We got my mother-in-law confident in caring for him and she's dieing to sleep in her own bed again. I don't blame her! My studio was set up over in her spare bedroom but now that they are moving back, they want to set up the spare bedroom for out of town family and I can have my den back for my bead studio. I'm very happy. We all are. The drag of moving stuff ensues...

I'm heading to the bookstore today to buy a few vampire hunter novels and maybe a ceramic beadmaking book. That's if I can find it. It's Jennifer Heynen's book, Ceramic Bead Jewelry. I won't be starting to make them until after the baby is born and I'm back to work but I need to study! :D I can never find beadmaking books when I want them. Here's to hoping.

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